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James Nickle - Producer, engineer, owner

Where the Musical Magic Happens

Any artist has a vision of what they want their song or album to sound like, but often after recording it lacks that special something they were looking for.  Working with a good producer takes your project to a new level and adds that spark that makes it stand out.   Listen to a song on the radio and try and dissect what the song would sound like without the studio add on's, not so great anymore is it?   Anyone can press 'record', a good producer will guide you through harmonies, riffs and different ideas to fill up your song.   The next time you're looking for a producer, ask yourself whether this person is an artist or just someone pressing the record button......
After writing - composing and producing music for many years as a freelance producer, I decided to open my own studio setup the way I want.   With our high end recording equipment, we get any sound you need.  
Artists enjoy  spending time at the creative environment of a studio, but being billed by the minute compromises their time and forces a rush product to stay within their budget.  I decided to put the music first and ensure that every project we make is a work of art, and I bill a flat rate so that the artists can feel relaxed and put due diligence into their art.
As a founding member of Canada's premier vocal competition (, I have met and worked with a wide array of artists gathering inspiration over the years.  I have worked on major projects and sat in on sessions with North America's biggest producers, I constantly keep abreast of trends and tips that major US labels use for today's hottest tracks.
Feel free to drop me a line and tell me about your project and needs, let's turn your idea into either a radio track or work of art your can share on YouTube.

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