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Cleveland Sound Lab is a fully equipped recording studio, with high end equipment and experienced staff.  We have over 1000 midi instruments for any songwriter to add ANY instrument to their idea.
Recording - Vocals & bands.
Pitch Correction - Before you say "Not me, that's cheating" pitch correction is used on EVERY track you hear on the radio.  The human voice is not perfect, and always needs pitch correction regardless of how great the sing.  No matter what level vocalist you are, we make it seamless and completely natural sounding.
Video - Either at the studio or on location we are able to created a music video for you to share your work with the world!
Songwriting - Are you looking for a radio track, a song for your partner, or just something for you to be proud of?  We are talented experienced song writers who with work WITH YOU to get the sound that you want.   Regardless of where your musical journey is at or is headed, there is nothing like an original track.  Anyone could write a song, we write hits....
Artist Development - We work with various agencies across North America, and help our artists get exposure.  We have put artists on NBC's Little Big Shots as well as social media guidance that got them views in the MILLIONS!
Affordability - We guarantee to have lower rates than any (real) studio in Toronto.  Although we cannot compete with your uncle Steve and his Ipad, we work with you to make your dream affordable.

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